Teacher Resources

The Illinois Solar Schools and Illinois Wind Schools programs are designed to help students, teachers, and communities understand more about renewable energy by providing grants to install working solar and wind technology at K-12 schools across Illinois.

As a teacher, you are the most important part of the educational process. Installing a solar photovoltaic system or a wind turbine at your school provides a wonderful opportunity for students to learn about science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) topics, the politics and economics of environmental policies, and many other important issues related to technology and the environment.

In addition, there are great opportunities to incorporate humanities subjects such as history, literature, and civics. This enhances the value of STEM education by tying it into many broader issues that currently face, and will continue to face, present and future generations of students.

In this section you’ll find helpful links and additional guidance on how to bring these important topics to your students.

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